Leading distributor of IT products in the Middle East

Achievers Computer LLC is in the business of stock and sale of IT products. A solid foundation of traditional business values propelled by commercial ambition has made us today the largest IT distributor in the region. We are proud of the trade relationships that we have built with customers and respect and trust we enjoy with leading IT OEMs of the world.

We trace our roots to Mumbai in the year 1992 when we first opened shop. We came to Dubai in 2003 to explore overseas market and within a year realized the bigger potential in Dubai and took part in GITEX which gave us a bigger exposure. The year also coincides with the emergence of Dubai as a regional hub for the IT goods and services. With the rapid growth of Dubai, we witnessed growth too. Over the years our product range has remained focused on computing, printing and storage giving us the recognition and respect we enjoy.

Our success is rooted in our capacity to stock large volumes of a wide range from the topmost brands. Our prices are competitive and our speed of executing orders gives us the edge. A strong financial system and credit policy allows us to serve the needs of retailers, stockists and traders across different countries.

We thank you for doing business with us and keeping us in your top list of trading partners. And if you are new to us then let’s start on a path of mutual growth and profits.


Values guide our business and reflect our beliefs and business ethos

  • Agility

    Responsive to market trends and faster on deliveries

    IT is a fast-moving industry and staying alert and agile allows us to give the latest products and keep a tight watch on obsolescence. Being agile ensures we stay attuned to price volatility that varies by trends and supply-demand mechanics. Agility in executing orders across multiple logistics channels ensures faster stock-rotations for all. And finally, agility in our relationships with brands makes us proactive to production, logistics, and competition.

    Our value of agility is our edge in staying on the top of our industry

  • Availability

    Stocking a wider range in larger quantities

    Consumer choices drive demand and believing in the value of ‘availability’ we have always invested in large volumes across a wide range. Our expeditious response to enquiries is another aspect of our ‘availability’ value. You will find our team ever available to entertain your requirements at any time and beyond business hours. Our warehouse and logistics are designed to accurately cater wider geographies and transport modes.

    Our value of availability makes us the first call for any requirement

  • Flexibility

    Open to trade terms that foster mutual growth

    We believe in a profitable supply-chain that commences with the brand and ends with your customer. Our value of ‘flexibility’ accommodates the varied requirements of our trading partners. We are flexible on trading terms to keep everyone profitable and in long-term business relationship with us. Being flexible also helps us serve a diverse geographic market with it’s unique legal and logistics requirement.

    Our value of flexibility is our prime reason for the long-term relationships


Success built on trust and transparency
  • 1992Achievers India Established

  • 2003Achievers Comes to Dubai

  • 2004Participated in GITEX Shopper

  • 2014Exit Retail Presence

  • 2017Sold Million Units

Be our customer

We supply a comprehensive range of IT products to retailers and resellers throughout Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. We respect every order and commit to deliver on time and at competitive prices. Our highly trained and responsive staff provide full-fledged support throughout the sale process. We can also customize our sales-support services and logistics as per your requirements.

With 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, Achievers is a name you can trust to deliver a broad range of IT products on time and in the quantities you need. Be our retail customer today and benefit from our approach to technology and support during your association with us.