Our dedicated team

Our top management bring a wealth of experience, expertise and exposure to the IT industry. Serving customers across 50+ countries requires a team that is skilled in all aspects of the distribution business chiefly finance, logistics, customer-service and accounting. Meet the management team of Achievers.

  • Vijay Narsinghani,

    Vijay Narsinghani, CEO

    We offer the best prices because we turn inventory faster and deliver promptly. We make capital work for all of us.

    We operate in a volatile industry that is governed by global brands. A keen understanding of supply-demand trends as well as regional economic cycles is key to staying buoyant. What gives us the edge is our strong financial acumen and ability to deliver across different geographies. Working hard for higher inventory turns make our prices competitive and attractive for resellers to stay long-term customers.

  • Jaikishin Chowdhry

    Jaikishin Chowdhry , MD

    Mutually beneficial relationships with both, customers and brands, is a mantra for success in the IT distribution business.

    We firmly believe that while customers come to us for the wide range and lower prices we offer, they stay long term for the service we provide. Our commitment to customers extend beyond a transaction and our team works in building a relationship with them. The same is true for our associations with brands where we blend our profit aspirations with their business goals.

Our team members are friendly and willing to help you anytime. Feel free to contact any of our members.

  • Mohit Chowdhry

    Mohit Chowdhry

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Dheeraj

    Dheeraj Rajput

    General Manager