9th Oct 2023

IDC Forecasts Rebound in 2024 

IDC Forecasts Rebound in 2024

At Achievers, a leading distributor of IT products in the Middle East, we always stay on top of the trends in the industry. By constantly monitoring the developments and forecasts in the market, we remain responsive to demands and supply the latest products right on time. 

As the values of agility and availability lie at the foundation of our business, we stay alert to market fluctuations and can deliver the desired quantities in line with changing needs. In this piece, we highlight why the PC market is poised to experience a climb in 2024 and in the years to come, and we are prepared to cater to this surge in sales. 

The global PC market saw a renaissance in 2021 due to a surge in Work-from-Home during the pandemic. But as life returned to normalcy in the post-pandemic phase the sales of PCs witnessed a slump. However, the market is projected to bounce back in 2024, according to data by the International Data Corporation (IDC). 

The forecast for global PC and tablet shipments is forecasted to reach 384.8 million in 2023, down 15.2% compared to last year, which is the greatest annual decline in consumer PC shipments since the category’s inception as per IDC. However, the market is expected to witness a turnaround in 2024 with global volumes reaching 403.1 million and growing to 425 million by the end of 2027.  

Increasing interest and developments in AI, the still-strong hybrid and remote work models on employee’s request and shifts in the commercial PC space are expected to ramp up the PC market growth during 2024 and the growth is expected to continue through 2027.  Though AI-capable PCs are not ready today, we will soon witness their launch in the market and purchase decisions will likely be influenced by this reason. Another factor that will drive commercial PC sales in 2024 is the end of Windows 10 support in 2025. Businesses will be prompted to replace their ageing stock with machines running Windows 11 or whatever Microsoft launches as its next OS. 

Despite technology advancements providing extra hurdles and uncertainties, IDC analysts foresee the PC market to be in a very interesting position for years to come as depicted below. 


Shipments include shipments to distribution channels or end users. OEM sales are counted under the company/brand under which they are sold. 

Traditional PCs include Desktops, Notebooks, and Workstations and do not include Tablets or x86 Servers. 

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