4th Oct 2023

Know a Person by their Laptop

Know a Person by their Laptop

‘Never judge a book by its cover’ may hold true, but not so for laptops we use up to some extent, it can be appropriate to infer some information about a person or their profession based on the type of laptop they use.

The laptop’s brand, model, design, usage frequency, operating system, and applications within it do hint some clues about its users and offer general insights into their personal preferences or word approaches. However, keep in mind that these observations are not definitive, and judgments cannot be generalised as many exceptions exist. Overall, it’s fun to observe patterns of use, and here are some aspects you might be able to garner about a person based on their choice of laptop:

Brand and models

The brand and model of the laptop can indicate whether a person is a student, researcher, creative media professional, or businessman. Generally, students opt for budget laptop brands such as ASUS, Acer or Dell as affordability is a factor when buying. High-end models indicate users who value performance in terms of processing speed, multiple applications and features, such as media professionals or business owners. CEOs often prioritize quality and reliability and go in for reputable laptop brands like Apple, HP, or Lenovo.

Software and applications installed

One can derive clues about a user’s profession or hobbies based on the software and applications installed on their laptop. For instance, a laptop with video editing software may signal a media production executive, Adobe Photo Shop and Illustrator indicate a graphic designer or photographer. AutoCAD users are generally architects, engineers, and interior designers. Salesforce suggests marketing professionals, QuickBooks suggests finance professionals, and SublimeText indicates software developers.

Wear and tear condition

The physical condition of the laptop can suggest how well the owner takes care of their possessions. A well-maintained laptop might indicate a responsible user such as a CEO, engineer or architect, while a heavily worn laptop might suggest a rough user such as a student or wildlife photographer.

Patterns of use

Observing how the person uses their laptop—whether for work, gaming, social media, creative pursuits, or other activities—can provide information about their daily routines and interests. For e.g graphic designers, software developers, researchers, and scientists use their laptops for an extended duration. Students have an on and off usage. Those who carry and use their laptops while on travel indicate CEOs, CFOs and marketing professionals.

Weight and design

Consultants, CEOs and sales professionals who travel frequently prefer ultra-slim and lightweight laptop models which are easy to carry along business trips. Photographers, freelancers, writers, and journalists who work from various locations may prioritize sleek and lightweight laptops for easy portability across various sites, coffee shops, co-working spaces to offices. Individuals in outdoor or fieldwork professions, such as architects, engineers, or construction managers, may choose rugged and durable laptops.

Screen display

High-resolution displays and ample brightness are important for CEOs who are into delivering presentations, logging on to video conferencing, online meetings, and reviewing confidential documents. Display with striking colours is essential to photo editors and media professionals.

While you can glean some interesting information about a person based on the laptop they use, it’s important to remember that a laptop is just one of many possessions. Hence drawing a conclusion about the person’s identity or personality isn’t appropriate.

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