Incredible resolutions and screen sizes to enhance visual experience

Monitors and displays are suited for multi-purpose activities. From watching movies, and viewing presentations to serving as an extended screen, the list is endless. Wider display options, adjustable brightness controls, powerful colour quality, clarity and resolutions make their use even more multifaceted. Exceptional colours\-accurate visuals allow seamless work across various applications. 

At Achievers, we supply a wide range of display units in the market. With different brands and models suited to varied purposes and lifestyles, we enable retailers and resellers to present end-users with an array of options to select from. 

  • Lenovo


    Lenovo’s display tech lets you maximize your work, gaming and entertainment capabilities. Every display is crafted to offer superior audio-visual performance with exclusive usability features, making it a stylish and affordable choice. Our range includes ThinkVision, ThinkCentre and Legion to cater to diverse preferences.

  • LG


    The LG brand is a leading provider of a large selection of high-quality displays in various sizes and features. LG’s set of displays redefine viewing experiences in the commercial, healthcare and digital industry. We supply a wide range of LG’s UltraFine, UltraWide, OLED and NanoCell monitors to provide the ultimate screen space.

  • Samsung


    Samsung, known for its innovative display technology, offers smart and intuitive display solutions to optimize business. Find the ideal display screen from our wide selection of models to give users an unmatched viewing experience. Our broad range of display units include QLED, Crystal UHD, and MicroLED.