Enterprise-grade security and reliability for peak performance

Workstation PCs are specialized computers designed for high-performance computing tasks and resource-intensive applications. Powerful processing, high-end graphics, encrypted storage, and multi-security layers make them perfect for media, engineering, and architectural applications, which can be executed in less time. Suited for a multitude of tasks they offer reliable, flexible and scalable performance in varied professional scenarios. 

At Achievers, we supply retailers and resellers with a wide range of precision-designed workstations for professionals and businesses alike. Explore our full suite of workstations and place your orders in bulk. 

  • Lenovo


    Lenovo’s workstations foster creativity and simplify workflows for professionals across industries. The system design is optimized for performance and reliability and enhances the user’s experience. Our range of workstation includes ThinkStation, ThinkVision and ThinkPad, the best in reliability and quality to raise the bar of performance.